Welcome to The Butler Pantry’s Flavor of the Month Coffee Club

We are proud to offer Schuil Specialty Coffee, roasted locally in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They work with growers on small farms in the world’s coffee-growing regions.  They use only the top two grades of coffee Arabica “uh-RA-bih-kuh” for differences you’ll see and taste.

What is our “Flavor of the Month Coffee Club?”  There are just three simple steps.  You begin by selecting your personality style.  Next, select your flavor(s), and then select your preferred grind.  Once a month we will ship you a pound of your personally selected flavor directly to your home or office.


Adventurous – I want to try new flavors!  Bold, spicy, sweet…different.  Surprise me with a different flavor every month.

Simple – I like one particular flavor.  Make it simple for me and send me the same flavor every month.

In Control – I’m adventurous but I like to be in control.  I want to try a new flavor every month but let me pick the flavors before you send them to me.


Make your selection of flavor(s) from our list of over 30 different coffee blends.


Do you want your coffee whole bean or ground?  If ground, you have several options for your grind preference.

Sit, Sip and Enjoy!

Select Your Style

 In ControlSelect Your Flavor(s) Amaretto – Traditional Amaretto flavor has been added to fine gourmet beans. 
Caramel Crème – Oh…so smooth and creamy.  Just like a chewy caramel candy, but in coffee form.
 Chocolate Mint – Fragrant & hearty mint aroma entices you to this coffee with crisp chocolate undertones.
Chocolate Raspberry – Rich raspberry swirled in creamy chocolate for a coffee worthy of those special times.
Cinnamon Danish Swirl – A taste of flaky pastry, a dash of cinnamon – all swirled with sweet creamy frosting.
 Cinnamon Hazelnut – A dash of cinnamon compliments the universally popular Hazelnut Crème coffee.
Coconut Crème – A taste of the tropics!  Close your eyes & feel the palm trees sway.
Columbian Supremo
 Columbian Supremo – DECAF
Dutch Breakfast Blend – DECAF
Espresso Italian Roast
 French Roast
French Silk
French Silk – DECAF
 Guatamala Fair Trade
Hazelnut Crème
Hazelnut Crème – DECAF
 Kona Hawaii Blend
Mackinac Island Fudge
Mayan Chocolate
 Michigan Black Raspberry
Michigan Blueberry Crumble
Michigan Maple
 Michigan Sweet Cherry
Northwest Dark Blend
Pumpkin Spice
 Sumatra Mandheling
Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend
Vanilla Frangelico
 White Heather
White Russian

Select Your Grind(s)

Automatic Drip
French Press
 Cold Water Extraction

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